NoConf Features

A.I. powered automated scheduling

  • Create a schedule with given constraints automatically
  • Optimize a schedule according to your requirements and preferences
  • NoConf assesses the quality of your agenda
  • It respects your predefined elements of a schedule

Working with agenda

Agenda template

  • Define for A.I. how schedule’s shape should look like
  • Specify session placeholders, along with coffee breaks, lunch breaks, networking parties, etc.
  • Use NoConf's convenient editor to quickly build an agenda template
  • Share and use it again for the next conference

Agenda building

  • Use automated scheduling and manual drag & drop assignments interchangeably
  • Find out immediately about broken constraints having instant visual feedback in an agenda view
  • Explore different versions of your agenda using optimization scoring provided by the A.I.

Constraint configuration

  • Manage your constraints easily with a configuration panel
  • Include requirements that are mandatory
  • Add preferences that you want to optimize

Agenda publication

Embeddable widget

Generate an agenda widget in a form of JS script by clicking "Publish" button. Customize the color theme to match your brand if needed. Finally, copy a few lines snippet to your web page. Take a look at an example.

Post-publication changes

Post-publication changes are likely to happen. Use the A.I. to find the best non-disruptive change in the published schedule along with the info which sessions are affected by the change.


  • Import/export conference data in Excel spreadsheet files
  • Integration via NoConf API
  • Integration with call for papers systems


  • Changes made by your teammates are visible instantly
  • Experiment with different versions
  • Share the results with your committee

How does A.I. optimize your agenda?

NoConf’s optimization engine generates schedules based on constraints. You can turn a constraint on or off at any moment. Feel free to choose which properties your schedule are must have - requirements, and which ones are just nice to have - preferences.


For the A.I. engine, satisfying the requirements is the highest priority. Whenever a requirement is not met it is respectively highlighted in an agenda view, so you won’t miss it. Through requirements, you make sure that the most important qualities of your schedule are in place.

  • Respect speaker availability (days and time slots) when scheduling their talks
  • Schedule talks at specific days, rooms or time slots
  • Prevent two talks of the same speaker to be scheduled at the same time
  • Require minimal pause time between two talks of the same speaker
  • Require sessions to be scheduled in particular order


Preferences are properties of a schedule that the algorithm tries to satisfy as much as possible, while meeting all of the requirements. You can prioritize the importance of each preference. With each agenda, you obtain a preference scoring, which describes how well the properties are optimized.

  • More popular talks in bigger rooms
  • Diversity in topics or difficulty of talks scheduled at the same time
  • Minimize the overall length of a conference or needed venue space
  • Schedule grouped talks in a particular room or day
  • Schedule easier talks before more advanced ones

Use NoConf to create the best schedule for your next event!