How it works


Input conference data

  • Add sessions and speakers using a web interface or import Excel file
  • Organize sessions by thematic tracks, lengths, content tags, difficulty levels, etc.
  • Define rooms of your venue and their availability time

Manage your schedule constraints

  • Specify which groups of sessions need to take place in specific rooms or time slots
  • Determine availability of your speakers
  • Pin sessions to specific schedule locations
  • Enable and prioritize schedule optimization factors

Generate schedule

  • Click a button and let NoConf A.I. generate schedule proposal for your conference
  • The longer A.I. works, the better schedule it can provide
  • You get an agenda with information about unmet requirements and final score that tells how well it is optimized

Publish agenda to your conference website

  • When your schedule is ready, click a button in order to publish to NoConf CDN
  • Check how your agenda looks before you publish it on your page
  • Embed the schedule on your website by copying short HTML code snippet

You'll be amazed how easy it is to create your agenda with a few clicks