Are you organizing a conference?

We know that preparing a schedule for a big multi-day conference manually is real pain. We can solve this problem by leveraging A.I. tools in automated agenda generation.

NoConf is web based automated conference scheduling tool that allows you to generate agenda that satisfy your needs within just few seconds!

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Find out what value A.I. tooling can bring to conference scheduling.

Save your time

Reduce enormous amount of manual work during scheduling process!

Better schedule

Agenda is optimized against dozens of factors which is impossible to embrace when crafting by hand!


Be prepared for last minute changes and handle them easily!

Conference scheduling in a nutshell

Usually conference scheduling is a task of assigning accepted sessions to time slots in specific rooms available in conference venue. Despite how simple it sounds, it's laborious, time-consuming and requires extra care, especially for bigger conferences, where you must deal with high number of speakers, sessions and time slots.
Why? Because not every assignment makes useful, feasible agenda!


Every schedule must meet certain criteria to be valuable. Here there are few examples:

  • certain talks must take place in specific rooms and/or time slots
  • no speaker can have two lectures at the same time
  • speaker must be available for his/her talk (e.g. we should schedule his session on Thursday at most if he flies away Friday morning)
  • sessions timing dependencies (e.g. part II of workshop should be scheduled after part I)
  • and many others...
With NoConf you can express all such requirements and be sure you won't miss anything important.


There's another group of properties that good conference schedule should preserve.

  • more popular speakers should be assigned to bigger rooms
  • instead of having multiple talks on the same topic in overlapping time slots, we would like to diversify topics
  • talks should be also diversified by difficulty level
  • sometimes we would like to put talks of certain thematic track to a specific room
  • when there are some empty slots left, we would rather like to move them at the end
Usually it's impossible to satisfy all of such preferences, as they might be even contradictory to each other. In NoConf you can assign priorities (also called weights) to such preferences, so that we can calculate and display summarized scoring of your preferences. The lower the number, the more preferences are satisfied!

Automated scheduling

The killer feature of NoConf is automated scheduling. Once you import data and define your requirements and preferences, just click one button - and after few seconds schedule is generated! Our automated optimizer based on artificial intelligence will take conference data, your requirements and prioritized preferences and generate schedule that:

  • in the first place satisfies all requirements
  • satisfy preference scoring as much as possible, without breaking requirements
Every time you click the button, completely new schedule may pop-up. The longer you allow our algorithms to work, the better schedule you may obtain.
In case the conference data or requirements have changed, you just click the same button to regenerate schedule and fix broken properties.

You control everything

No matter how practical and time-saving automated scheduling is, it may happen that you won't be able to express your specific needs in NoConf. We know that, so we allow you to make changes to generated schedule.
With our drag&drop schedule editor you can apply changes to generated agenda before publication.
You can even mark specific sessions pinned to certain slots, so that our automated scheduler will not change it during following runs.
You are the one who decide when to publish schedule. You are the one who have control.

Non-disruptive reschedule after publication

After schedule is published on your conference website, it's not a surprise that the requirements may change. Speakers will realize they booked flights for wrong dates, or something else will happen that cause they won't be able to speak at the time they were scheduled.
As organizer, you need to fix the schedule, but with minimal amount of changes that are required only to fix requirements. NoConf supports special mode for non-disruptive replanning in automated optimizer that still cares to satisfy as many schedule properties, as it is possible - even in emergency situations.

Easy integration

You can import your conference data to NoConf using our open REST API.
We also plan to integrate with popular Call for Papers systems and conference scheduling applications that you may already be using.

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