A.I. powered conference schedule

Use A.I. to generate an optimized conference agenda. Publish on your website with a few clicks.

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Automated scheduling process

Save your time

NoConf automates difficult and exhausting process of creating an agenda

  • Generate optimized conference schedule automatically
  • Have total control on the shape of your agenda. Use simple drag and drop editor whenever you want to make custom changes
  • Import your data from an Excel file or via REST API
  • Collaborate effectively on the schedule even if your team works remotely

Let the A.I. do the critical agenda scheduling tasks for you, focus on more important things!

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Publish a beautiful agenda with no effort

Once your perfect schedule is ready you can easily add it to your website.

  • Generate a readable and mobile-friendly agenda with a few clicks
  • Configure and customize the schedule style to meet your branding standards
  • Publish on your event web page just by copying few-lines HTML snippet

No need to ask your developers or designers for help. Generate a nice, responsive and branded agenda within a few minutes.

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Publish a beautiful agenda with no effort
Optimize your schedule

Make a better schedule

Get access to NoConf’s unique optimization engine. It plans your conference agenda in the most effective way.

  • Let the algorithm incorporate speaker availabilities, sponsor requirements, and attendees satisfaction into your agenda
  • Choose how you want to optimize your agenda using 27+ criteria

Optimize, improve, create an agenda better than ever before with A.I. power in your disposal.

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Handle last-minute changes with ease

Last-minute changes to speaker availabilities, venue setup or any other crucial aspect of the plan happen way too often. While NoConf can't help you avoid all possible accidents in the world, it can provide an easy and convenient way to deal with them. A special feature of Non-disruptive replanning was specifically designed to handle such circumstances.

Feel confident even if something went against your plan just before the event. Using NoConf you will know immediately what is the best move.

Handle last-minute changes with ease

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